To have high quality in all steps of total recycling process, from raw materials to end products, Parsian Part Pasargad Industrial Complex has been established the central laboratory included Wet Chemistry Unit and Spectrometry Unit according to International Standards test methods (ASTM, BSI, DIN, ISO).

Spectrometry Laboratory Unit equipped with the Optical Emission Spectrometer (SPECTROLAB M10 & M12) and XRF- SPECTRO XEPOS for analysis of Lead, Lead Alloys and its Compounds.

The SPECTROLAB is the only hybrid system on the market employing both PMT and CCD detection technology. This leads to improved performance in terms of accuracy, reproducibility as well as short and long term stability for the analysis of lead and its alloys.

To validate analytical measurement methods, we use MBH & NIST Certified Reference Materials.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory Unit has a comprehensive testing facility in the examination of the raw materials and the mid products by ASTM and ISO test methods.